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The new issue of Juxtapoz magazine is hitting newsstands and this time artist/designer Grotesk created two covers for the issue. One cover for the newsstand, the other one for the subscribers.

“Fine artist Chris Johanson, video game and fine artist, Coro, graffiti legend MQ, fine artist and all around normal guy, Skinner, photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, and LA-artist Steve Olson. Rounding this month out are Guillermo Carrion, Kirsty Whiten, Ricky Allman, Raul Allen, TV Santosh, Vladimir Kato, Adam Wallacavage, Charlie Isoe, Mudwig, David Foox, Mike Shine, Indie184, Ian Johnson, and Clare Rojas. Art for the summer.”

As you can see the issue is once again packed with interesting content and not only worth picking up because of the cover art.

Take a more detailed look at the Grotesk designed covers after the jump.

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