One essential element of summer travel is your toiletry bag. It may be even more important than a regular change of undergarments and more versatile. You probably stuff it with toothpaste, brushes, and shaving kits, but as I learned during my last return from Los Angeles, carrying too much shaving cream will get you the full pat down treatment (no joke). REN Skincare solves the travel dilemma with their “Perfect Shave Set” made up of small essentials that will give you face the perfect finish it deserves by pre-cleansing your skin with a variety of “clean bio” natural oils before you take the blade to face. The High Glide Cooling Shave Cream does well in lubricating the blade during shave – something most foams and gels cannot achieve.

Check out REN’s Perfect Shave Set. It’s worth a test run at home or during your Summer travels.

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