01. Shelock Holmes Trailer (above)

nuff said.

02. Soap Knuckles

“Slip on a pair of our Soap knuckles and hurt some dirt. Casted from genuine brass knuckles this all natural glycerin soap is designed to add a bit of playful subversion to your soap dish. A great gift for the street tough germaphobe or hygienic hipster.” (spye)


“For those who grew up with Where the Wild Things Are, the film adaptation of Maurice Sendack’s renowned children’s book is an exciting prospect. I spoke to costume designer for the film Casey Storm to find out how those wild things were made.” (dontpanic)

04. The Giro d’Italia is Underway, and Dolce & Gabbana are there!

“So what does Dolce & Gabbana have to do with this? For this very exciting and historic year, they have redesigned The Giro’s most important symbol: the maglia rosa (“pink jersey”). The maglia rosa (above on Italy’s Danilo Di Luca, taken May 15th) is a pink shirt worn each day by the cyclist who had the fastest time the previous day.” (luxist)

05. LEGO USB Hub

This is actually great. Now I have a place to stand my LEGO minifig army of Mujahadeen fighters. (ggadgets)

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