01. Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2009 DEMF May 23-25

One of the best techno festivals in the USA if not the biggest. All weekend long in Detroit. Lineup includes but not limited to: Adam Beyer, Francois K, Wighnomy Bros, Carl Cox, Flying Lotus.” #bangers (demf)

02. Turkey Burgers Don’t Count (above)

“One by one they approached the counter at Zaitzeff, a storefront in New York’s financial district, and repeated the words like a mantra. Half-pound sirloin burger. Bacon. Cheddar.” (nyt)

03. Places to See: Brandhorst Museum Opening in Munich 

Tomorrow marks the official opening of the Brandhorst Museum in Munich, Germany. From May 21 to May 24 it’s open to the public free of charge. Don’t miss this opportunity to view the impressive art collection of Udo and Anette Brandhorst.” (wejetset)

04. Fliptime IPhone App

“FlipTime iPhone App is a simple desk clock & calendar which is designed to look like flight information boards at airports ~ designed by Omlet Works.” (notcot)

05. Iannone’s Sustainably Crafted Cork Media Console

“Gone are the days of using cork only for corkboards and wine preservation. With the emergence of cork as a furniture-building material, designers are able to create eco-friendly pieces with a unique look. Recently debuted at ICFF 2009Iannone Designs’s new Cork Media Console is crafted from renewable material harvested from the bark of the cork tree…” (inhabitant)

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