Where the runway meets the street
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There is seemingly no slow down in the number of urban dwellers shifting their travels to the bicycle – specifically single or three speed bikes that provide adequate gearing for the city commuter. The benefits of moving urban commuting to cycling are vast – including the zero emissions impact on the environment as well as the low impact cardio it provides the rider. Brands and retailers are also becoming aware of the emerging dresswear and casual market for urban commuters who require fashions that are both bicycle and office friendly – many of which we have covered here on Selectism.

Footwear is no exception. Quoc Pham, a UK based footwear maker that produces pedal friendly dress shoes for cyclists has launched their collection Spring 2009. They shoes are perfect for the single or fixed gear cyclist who would prefer to not carry a second pair of shoes with them when cycling to the office or the pub to catch up with friends. Their shoes, made from the finest materials around, are shaped and tapered to slip nicely into your pedal cages while keeping you fashion friendly.

View more models from the Quoc Pham Cycling Shoe Collection after the jump.

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