In recent months we have heard a lot about Spanish magazine apartamento. Taking a completely new approach in the interior design magazine market, they try to capture real interiors and real people – a very intruiging and much needed approach. Finally an interiors magazine that one can relate to.

Today we had the opportunity to flip through their new issue 3, the Spring/Summer 2009 issue. Already the feel and quality of the magazine make a statement by themselves and the content follows that feel of quality 100%. We came across a very interesting article, an interview with A.P.C. founder and designer Jean Touitou. The designer talked about his latest venture – the opening of a kindergarten in Paris, named A.P.E. or Aterlier de la Petite Enfance.

“After 20 years spent in the fashion industry I wanted to touch at last on something related to civilization.” – Jean Touitou.

It is only one of  many great articles in the magazine, that we can highly recommend!

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