01. A Rare Tour of IMAX Cameras (above)

“There are 26 IMAX film cameras in the world today. At IMAX HQ, I got to play with 4 of them (and take plenty of photographs for you).” (gizmodo)

02. Branding Goes Real Time

“The Internet was always fast. Google made a point during its rise to prominence to detail — to the millisecond — just how quickly it delivered a search result.” (brandweek)

03. Geek Clock

“While everyone else was watching the clock, you were paying attention during math class, storing away square roots and factorials for a day where you could prove your mathematical prowess.” (uncommongoods)

04. Japanese toilet paper “Drop” is the scariest toilet paper you’ve ever seen

“In case you have seen the Japanese horror movie “The Ring” or its acceptable American remake, you already have a taste of what kind of person Koji Suzuki is. The guy didn’t have to do anything with the movies but authored the book of the same name.” (crunchg)

05. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” House for Sale

“Tucked away in the woods of Chicago, this four-bed, four-bath is a modernist masterpiece, but might be more well-know for its starring role in the painfully infamous car scene of the feature film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” (coolhunting)

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