01. madsen; bicycle “+”

“The cycle industry seems to only be getting stronger – I love practical re-makes. Made in SLC Utah, these bikes can haul about 600 lbs! Available in dramatic black, yummy cream and sweet baby blue – in either bucket ($1,300) or rack ($1,100) style. Hit hard by the recession?” (bf)

02. They Call It Acid – The Story of Acid House Culture

“As well as being a universal story, THEY CALL IT ACID is a gripping subject which will appeal to a wide ranging audience – from the youth of today, who have grown up surrounded by Dance Music culture, to the nostalgic 40-somethings who spent their youth Raving.” #rave (tcia)

03. Mac Motorcycles Enters The Fray With Four Custom Bike Concepts (above)

“There are four separate designs from Mac Motorcycles, all based on the air-cooled 500cc single-cylinder engine from the Buell Blast. We’re a little behind the times when it comes to current British slang, so we’ll let the company describe its own bikes…” (autoblog)

04. Zero.1 CD/LP Player

“The Zero.1 a is CD player that also plays vinyl records. It features programmable memory for vinyl, letting you play tracks from a record with a remote control, like you would with a CD.” (notcot)

05. Gymnasium 46º09′N-16º50E / STUDIO UP

“This morning, at the Granting ceremony of the Mies van der Rohe Awards for European Architecture in Barcelona at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, we met Lea and Toma, founders of Studio Up, winners of the Emerging Architect Special Mention for Gymnasium 46° 09′ N / 16° 50′ E in Koprivnica, Croatia -and they shared with us this interesting project.” (archdaily)

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