01. Edgartista: The New Millennium

“Meticulous and relentless, Edgartista‘s four year project, “The New Millennium,” began with a sketch on his daily train commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Inspired by the urban landscape, the upshot is a large-scale futuristic drawing that incorporates major landmarks from cities around the world, signifying unification among everyone to create this new life for the future.” (coolhunting)

02. Core77’s Dutch Master Bicycle: Sneak Peek

“We’re putting the final touches on our limited-edition Dutch Master bicycle, the ultimate blend of street and cruiser riding. Designed and hand-built in New York, It will hit the pavement later this month so we can’t give too much away yet – but rest assured, this will be one super smooth summer ride!” (core77)

03. Iris Hantverk Brushes

“A process that turns a production flow of traditional vegetable brushes into a new flow of shoe brushes has been implemented into the company Iris Hantverk.” (notcot)

04. VIDEO: 2010 Camaro RS/SS drag races its 1968 counterpart… on a bridge?

“It’s a classic case of old versus new, classic versus current, father versus son. A 1968 Chevy Camaro RS/SS lines up against a 2010 Camaro with the same options packages. According to the comments on YouTube, the ’68 is anything but stock, with a 406 cubic inch small-block V8 mated with a five-speed manual Tremec transmission and a 3.73:1 posi rear end.” (autoblog)

05. This Is A Happy House: The Juan MacLean Interviewed (above)

“It would probably be an overstatement to say the story of John Maclean was one of redemption or deliverance, but it is true that the New Yorker has faced a demon or two on his way to producing the dance album of the year so far in The Future Will Come, out on DFA records…” (quietus)

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