01. A Fifth Avenue Topshop May Be on the Horizon

“We’re still a little afraid of the Soho Topshop. The 14-year-olds. The bright colors. The bangle bracelets large enough to seriously injure a small child. Sometimes it feels more like an acid trip at a suburban daycare than, well, shopping. Yet Sir Philip Green has been scouting Manhattan for a second location for the store…” (nymag)

02. Pop Shop | Wood Wood Meets Vice in Vienna

“Throw together Wood Wood, Vice and Pool in a sentence and it sounds like a debauched time. And that just may be the idea behind the WWXV pop-up shop that opened in Vienna this past weekend.” (nyt)

03. Found Food | Wild Asparagus

“All great thinkers are ahead of their time. And Euell Gibbons is no exception. The Plato of the plate emerged in the 1960s as an advocate for foraged foods, pre-dating the latest crop of books and authors indicting the industrial food complex.” (wsj)

04. Luxembourg Government: Human trading (above)

“Advertising Agency: Mikado Publicis Luxembourg. March 2009” (adsoftheworld)

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