01. Wurstküche Exotic Sausage Grill

“Located just blocks from Little Tokyo, in downtown LA’s Arts District, the exotic sausage grill and beer hall Wurstküche is raising the bar on comfort food with a menu that includes classics such as bratwurst and hot Italian, a variety of gourmet sausages filled with spices, cheeses and herbs, and exotic options such as alligator and rattlesnake.” (coolhunting

02. Future Perfect 2009

“During New York Design Week the Future Perfect showcased one-of-a-kind pieces and limited edition work from a handful of American designers. The exhibit, aptly named Editions, included work from Lindsey Adelman (that’s her Knotty Bubble above), Jason Miller, Carlos Salgado of Scrapile and Joel Voisard… (mocoloco)

03. Tom Price’s Melted Polyester Fleece Chairs (above)

“London-born designer Tom Price was commissioned by Arts Co. to produce a piece of work for ‘From Now to Eternity’, an exhibition celebrating design, and focusing on plastic as a versatile material. Addressing concerns over our increasing piles of wasted throw-away plastic products, he chose to create an ingenious series of chairs formed by strategically melting piles of polyester fleece.” (inhabitant)

04. CrunchPad: The Launch Prototype

“We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on the CrunchPad since our last update in April, and have just about nailed down the final design for the device. We’re showing the conceptual drawings here today. In another few weeks we’ll have the first working prototypes in our office.” (crunchgear)

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