01. Everybody’s Fujoshi Girlfriend (above)

Fujoshi kanojo 腐女子 (”Fujoshi girlfriend”) is a new movie based on a blog by “Pentabu” that rode the original post-moe fujoshi boom to bestselling book status a few years ago. (Pentabu is currently blogging part 2.) I don’t have anything in particular to say about the movie itself, but the way it is being marketed is an excellent example of how the media misunderstands — or at least misrepresents — fujoshi.” (neojapanisme)

02. Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Who knew we had some amazing machines being built in the Eastern Bloc. (coudal>15kop)

03. Daniel’s Daily Monster

This is great “Every school day since May 7th I’ve been drawing a little Monster Card for my son Daniel’s lunchbox. Not totally sure why I started this, but he enjoyed the first one, and it’s become a ritual. Every morning when making his lunch, I give myself 5 minutes to draw a monster on paper from one of those memo pad things, give it a name and quickly photograph it with the iPhone.” (hicks>danielsmonster)

04. Sonic Youth: ‘Radiohead made other musicians look bad’

“Cult band also talk about their controversial record on Starbucks label…Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon has claimed that Radiohead showed up smaller, poorer bands with the release of 2007’s ‘In Rainbows’, calling their release plan a ‘marketing ploy’.” (NME)

05. The Idea of a Tree

The Idea of a Tree, by Viennese designers Mischer’Traxler, is a machine that makes benches, containers and lamp shades, by drawing thread through a tank of dye, followed by a tank of resin, then wrapping it around a mould that’s rotated by a solar-powered motor.” (ianclaridge)

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