01. Fire Design (above)

“Fire Design – The very beautiful French fire extinguishers” (notcot)

02. New York’s High Line Park in the Sky Opens Today!

“An elevated park in the sky built on top of the skeleton of an old rail system? It may have sounded impossible only five years ago, but today, the eagerly awaited High Line elevated urban park officially opens for thousands of New Yorkers looking to escape the hubbub of the city below!” (inhabitant)

03. XXX Posters As Found On Ebay in 2002

“As it turns out, many of these posters can also be seen here, in the book X-Rated: Adult Movie Posters of the 60s and 70s.” (reflib flickr)

04. Colleen Woods Pencils

“The Colleen Woods series represents an exciting vision of woodcase pencil manufacturing. The series is also a profoundly simple and beautiful pencil set. Pencils have been made from cedar for a century or more, and more recently from jelutong, pulai, and basswood. Pine and fir have also been used.” (penciltalk)

05. Sherwin Williams ColorSnap iPhone App

“Quick and easy, it works by simply scrolling a finger across an existing photo or a new one to locate the exact point for color match up. ColorSnap then instantly offers up one of the 1,500 corresponding Sherwin-Williams paint hues and a list of their closest retail stores.” (coolhunting)

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