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A global muse, deep in fashion, music and art, currently making a living as an über-stylist, sculpting singer Rihanna into an icon—this spring, Lysa Cooper has partnered with Frank151 to explore her not-so-hidden passion: Erotica.

Frank Book Chapter 36, Erotica, is not only a luscious jewel of sexualised thought and imagery; it is also an event. There are few people more qualified to bring such a nuanced moment to life than Lysa Cooper. With collaborators, contributors and co-conspirators including Francesco Clemente, Marc Baptiste, Ellen Stagg, Zane, Esetvan Oriol, and many others, the Erotica Chapter is not only instantly collectable, it is also a Baedeker’s guide to contemporary imagery, thought and expression of the eclectic sexualisation of the imagination.

Frank Book Chapter 36 is available, for free, at some of the finest boutiques and shops around the world. Check with your local retailer. If you’re lucky, there will still be a few copies left.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for Frank Book Chapter 37: De La Soul 20th Anniversary—guest curated by De La Soul—shipping Summer 2009.

Take a look inside Frank Book Chapter 36 “Erotica” after the jump.

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