01. Samsung’s 12 megapixel WB1000 rocks analog gauges, 3-inch OLED (above)

“While it’s not the first name you think of in digital cameras, Samsung makes a decent piece of kit and its SL820 took the top prize in our recent summer shootout. So we figured you’d want to know that its WB1000 compact with those smokin’ analog battery and capacity gauges is now on sale for KRW548,000 or about $418 closer to home.” (engadget)

02. Shield Your Eyes, Golf Fans: Here Comes John Daly

“In the staid world of American professional golf, John Daly has always stood out, but never more so than this week. The Bunyanesque two-time major champion is making his return to the PGA Tour, after a six-month suspension for bad behavior, sporting a wardrobe right out of Caddyshack. Daly is being outfitted by Loudmouth Golf…” (luxist)

03. Alice Cooper Loses Bag Of Films

“Alice Cooper has appealed for the return of a bag containing a collection of obscure horror films. Cooper lost the bag when arriving at Heathrow Airport, and is said to be so devastated that he’s offered a pair of AAA passes to his current tour to anyone who finds the band and its contents.” (quietus)

04. Sustain miniHome debuts the new 12 x 36 California Edition

“It’s no secret that we dig Sustain miniHomes. Inhabitat has always appreciated their sustainable spin on the mobile home and have eaten up their eye candy since the beginning. But on this fabulous prefab Friday, we have some even more exciting news to report!  The Toronto-based builders are coming to Los Angeles to debut their California edition — the first of the 12 WIDE series designed with special consideration for passive cooling and ventilation in a range of California climates.” (inhabitant)

05. Why Round Sunglasses? A Style Investigation

“This summer, however, the memo for sunglasses says circles are in. Very round shapes, as round as goggles in some cases, appeared in the recent women’s collections of Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler; and, for men, from Ralph Lauren, Zegna and Lanvin (most costing from $300 to $400). Last month, New York magazine included round sunglasses among the anticipated trends of the summer.” (nyt)

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