Where the runway meets the street

Remember back in January when we were exclaiming our love for the Iron Heart 21oz denim? How I was able to save money on my heating bill in the winter due to their incredibly thick yet soft finish?

It would seem that Iron Heart is trying to trump themselves in terms of making the heaviest denim possible – with some changes not only in weight but in finish. For their 5th anniversary, Iron Heart is issuing a whopping 23oz 634SR denim jean in an unsanforized finish. This translates into what may be the heaviest and most rigid denim on the planet. “For those that always wanted a pair of Iron Heart jeans and wanted them to fade a bit quicker and have a more intense contrasty fade, this is the jean you’ve been waiting for.

These are limited to 400 pairs worldwide.” Have a conversation with your friends down below before bringing the 634SR into their world. You have been warned. Get them at Self Edge.

More views of the new Iron Heart 634SR 23oz Anniversary Jeans after the jump.

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