01. The Future Mapping Company (above)

“The Future Mapping Company complements up-to-date map data with a strong focus on design, creating cartography for the twenty-first century. These maps utilise a cylindrical equal area projection(Don’t switch off!). This represents countries in their correct proportional size, something that a lot of maps do not do.” (hv)

02. Open Progress by TRANSALPINO

“German-Italian design collective TRANSALPINO was at the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin recently with Open Progress, an exhibition featuring 13 Designers, 7 days, 1 material. The material was waste material from a veneer factory and for seven days the designers worked with it to create “ad hoc objects connected in a kind of mind map – no object stands alone, each one is intrinsically linked to others.” (mocoloco)

03. Harley-Davidson Soundtrack

“The Harley Davidson Soundtrack Campaign by illustrator André Paiva combines the eloquent fluidity of music with the powerful Harley Davidson name.” (fubiz)

04. Traditional Fashion

“By Hisayuki Nakamuta. 1981. From tartan checks to button-downs.” Historical and biographical essays on the convergence of British, American and Japanese traditional men’s styles. Coolest book I’ve read in a long time. Company visits to McBean & Bishop, Robert White, Alan Paine, Baracuta, Rivetz of Boston, Brooks Brothers and Cable Car Clothiers.” (heavy tweed)

05. Bruce Willis and Bride Honeymoon in W Spread

“Lacking a summer blockbuster to drop on your head, Bruce Willis, 54, has offered up a somewhat kinky magazine editorial and interview with his new wife, Emma Heming, 32, shot by Steven Klein for the latest issue of W. The special effects are awesome! Trapped in the still-curing bowels of the Standard Hotel, the bride and groom contort and glower wearing Nina Ricci, Tom Ford, and, at times, little more than their own Lucian Freud–toned hides.” (thecut)

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