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Cycling is an offical Selectism pastime, so when we caught wind of cycling magazine The Ride, which combined cycling with great photography and clean design, we had to check it out. Created by brothers Philip Diprose and Andrew Diprose, The Ride is a UK based magazine that aims to give a much more open look into the world of cycling rather than a rigid look into any one aspect of it.

The independently produced magazine was created with the aim of creating a journal of personal stories (hence why it’s called journal instead of a magazine) and they’ve collected the stories of several seminal figures, including the likes of Paul Smith. The articles are all told from a first person perspective, usually being written by the people who are deeply involved in the movement.

The first issue is available for download on their site, but we’d recommend buying it as you just can’t beat physical copy – especially when it’s as well made as this.

Take a look at some spreads from the magazine after the jump.

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