01. Michael Jackson, Pop Icon, Is Dead at 50

“Michael Jackson, the singer, songwriter and dancer who earned the title “King of Pop” in a career that reached unprecedented peaks of sales and attention, died Thursday at the age of 50, a Los Angeles city official confirmed.” (nyt)

02. Pool Noodle Rooftop / Jeffrey Inaba (above)

“The rooftop space, which will be used for film screenings and special events, will be open to the public daily during selected visiting hours throughout the summer. Four separate seating areas cluster around a ‘X’ shaped carpet that covers the entire rooftop surface…” (archdaily)

03. World Cup Soccer Figures USB Flash Drives

“In the US it is called soccer, in Europe it is football. These cute World Cup soccer players are the USB flash drives. You just remove the head(cool!) and insert the body into your computer, now you can read or save your data into your soccer players! Available in one of five countries: Italy, Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands, Croatia. Each drive has 1GB(a bit small!) storage for about $30.” (likecool)

04. Beeline Honey

“”North Lawndale Employment Network (NLEN) is a nonprofit organization that creates innovative employment initiatives in a distressed Chicago neighborhood. It was developing a line of honey products to provide training and jobs for ex-offenders, and asked Kym Abrams Design to help with naming and branding. The new line was intended to launch in upscale farmers’ markets, and, once established, move into grocery stores.” (dieline)

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