01. Self Edge New York

“We wanted to open another Self Edge and Los Angeles was on our mind, then the right opportunity came up in New York with the owners of 3sixteen taking part in the store. We think between the two entities we can bring something fresh to New York, a very purist view of denim and vintage style garments from the Japanese point of view, with purist being the key word.” (coolhunting)

02. Cheap Trick brings back the 8-track

“hose who swear by vinyl say that records provide a warmer sound compared to compact discs, and that the larger packaging and gatefold artwork offer a superior tactile experience (and certainly to digital downloads). But where’s the love for the 8-track, those bulky blasts from the past which sounded fine enough in your El Camino…” (notcot>globe&mail)

03. Undercover – The Evolution of Underwear

“Underwear was first created to govern the body – to shape its irregularities and bulges. Over time, it has begun to look quite nice on its own. King Henry VIII started a century-long spiralling trend of increasing codpiece sizes. This extravagance shows no signs of stopping, with the US underwear market alone worth $13 billion a year.” (dpanic)

04. Glass Balcony at Sears Tower (above)

“The 1.5″ thick glass floor (which resists up to 5 tons) offers amazing views over Chicago, from 1,353 feet in the air.” (archdaily)

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