01. Summer Kitchen in Korvamäe by Urmas Muru and Peeter Pere

“Estonian architects Urmas Muru and Peeter Pere have designed a shelter for cooking outdoors at Korvamäe farm in Estonia. The shelter has a timber frame covered in sheet material, punctured by circular holes in two facades.” (dezeen)

02. Bag o’ Kitsch

“Kitschy: Pop Kulture Kouture and Vintage Treasures. A giant bag o’ kitsch will cost you $16.00, a small one for $8.00. Also, individual gems like bracelets, rings and classic oh-my-god the sister I never had would have worn these retro-awesome barettes. This stuff is hilarious and amazing.” (joshspear)

03. Andy Kem’s CNC’d Plywood Furniture

“Andy Kem’s killer CNC-cut plywood furniture, on display at Detroit’s Re:View Contemporary Gallery, stands out from the pack; the Breakplane coffee table won last year’s Design Quest Furniture Competition. Detroit-based Kem is currently seeking prospective manufacturers for both the table and chair…” (core77)

04. Luxurious RHD Mercedes Limousines Now Available (above)

“LimousinesWorld, a company building luxury limousines and executive cars for more than 30 years, has now made available the new Mercedes limousine, which enjoys a striking custom-designed interior with all the lavish amenities. They have also introduced the RHD Mercedes limousine…” (bornrich)

05. U2 Wreak Havoc With ‘Massive Carbon Footprint’ [with 360 Tour]

“Their CO2 emissions are the equivalent of the waste created by 6,500 average British or Irish people in an entire year, or equal to leaving a standard 100 watt lightbulb on for 159,000 years, and are much larger than the carbon footpring left by Madonna during her 2006 world tour when she produced 1,635 tonnes in air transport… The tour’s carbon footprint can also be measured in space terms, with their colossal emissions of up to 65,000 tonnes of CO2 enough to fly them on a return trip to the planet Mars.” (quietus)

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