01. Ios Airin Chair Series

“I like this interesting task chair from Korean manufacturer IOS Innovator’s System. The pads have a molded fabric covered profile which is interesting. There is not a tremendous amount of description on the site, but I am going to infer that this allows the back to be flexible and the molding will actually promote a degree of ventilation. But the one of the best things about their site is all the cool desks they show in their gallery.” (workalicious)

02. Soundblock iPod speakers look like LEGO blocks

“Elecom has brought out a series of docks for the iPod Nano called Soundblocks that are perhaps the most good-looking ones in the mini-dock category. They measure only 2 x 16mm, and are available in atleast a dozen appetizing colors – just so that you can match your iPod with the appropriate one. Seriously, what more could you want? Well, I for one, would like to know if they sound as good as they look.” (popg)

03. Outlier Summer Shorts Review…

“I have now been wearing these shorts for about two weeks and would definitely categorize them as jammin! There are definitely things I don’t like but more that I do. I opted for the navy blue work wear fabric that they use. These were available at the BFF street party. Not sure if they will be released online. Maybe Tyler can fill us in on that later.” (trackosaurusrex)

04. Vadim Kibardin’s killer clock concept (above)

“Designer Vadim Kibardin’s suh-weeeet Black & White Clock turns two dimensions into three with a series of four OLED digits, each with their own power source.” (core77)

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