01. Axe Muchas Maracas German Campaign

Lots of sexy girls, lots of water pistols, and everything you would expect from a European Axe campaign. Bang. Bang. (axe.de)

02. Audi Design Grand Piano

“Audi Design Studio followed Porsche’s footsteps in designing a truly unique piano. And, it’s the legendary Austrian piano maker, Bosendorfer that is yet again responsible for bringing another auto manufacturer into trying their hands in designing a musical instrument.” (bornrich)

03. Randomness

“Check out this new-to-me drawing blog: Draw Serge! Curated by Guardian illustrator Jonathan Edwards, the Serge Gainsbourg tribute blog solicits and features contributions from both professional illustrators and fans alike. I’ll have to contribute something. You should, too! (Found via yé-yé connoisseur Will Kane’s deliciously mod blog, World of Kane, itself worth hours of viewing.)” (hint)

04. Simon Foxton: When You’re A Boy

“Considering fashion a tool for creating artful images, over the last 30 years Simon Foxton has become one of the industry’s most prominent and avant-garde menswear stylists—his body of work now encapsulated in the exhibition “When You’re A Boy” at the Photographer’s Gallery London.” (coolhunting)

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