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Coarse Toys follows up on their recent releases and presents an exclusive new version of their Paw! toy for SDCC – the Paw! Spectrum. The line-up consists of three colors – yellow, blue and purple.

“The paw! spectrum series is available as a rare artists edition. The paw! triptych is limited to 50 pcs (entire stampede). The tiny monkey rabbit is packed in an exclusive solid banana carrot box topped with a felt leaf. Open it and you will find paw! embedded in color erupting sponge. A unique coarse project.”

A SDCC 2009 exclusive
blue / yellow / purple
limited worldwide to 50 pcs
available as single figures or entire stampede
Price US$ 150, Stampede US$ 400
daily available limit: 10 pcs of each color
DKE booth #4732

Detailed images of the new Coarse toys and their beautiful packaging follow after the jump.

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