We featured this before, but it’s worth a closer look. We’ve been personal fans of COS for quite a while now – the only reason we don’t feature them more is because they’re very hard to get hold of. The Japanese stuff we feature is fiddly, but getting a COS piece without walking into a store is damn near impossible.

We liked this bag when we saw the preview, but loved it after seeing it in store. The first thing we love is that it’s huge, as in The North Face backpack huge. It could easily fit enough clothes for an overnight stay or a 15inch laptop with room to spare. The second thing is that the canvas material feels raw, like cocaine straight from Bolivia. The third thing is that it captures the whole hunter/workwear thing that’s going to be hot this Autumn down to a tee. It’s also at an affordable price (£129).

Take a look at some detailed shots after that jump.

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