File this under ‘I’ll wear it later’. We wouldn’t blame you if you thought ‘why the hell are you guys posting up boots now?’ It is the middle of July after all. But we ask that you think ahead. A wise man once said that ‘planning your wardrobe months in advance never a dull man makes’. At least, that’s how we think the saying went.

We’ve got a thing for brogue boots at the moment and we’re especially partial to ones that look like they’ll hold up in rainy weather. These Loake ‘Banks’ boots come in an antique leather – similar to what Our Legacy used for their AW09 footwear line. The price is also affordable, coming at £135, and seeing as the site isn’t overrun with cool kids – although it will be soon – they’ve got plenty of sizes left. (Edwards of Manchester)

Take a gander at the detailed shots after the jump.

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