01. Site Wins Fashion Fans by Letting Them Design

“Polyvore is a user-generated fashion magazine filled with user-generated ads. The people who go to it play fashion editor and create collages featuring pictures of clothes, accessories and models from across the Web. Readers view the collages, which the site calls “sets,” and if they click on a dress or necklace, they are taken to the Web site that sells it.” (nyt)

02. Ian Brown streams new album “My Way” online.

“A scan of a handwritten letter from Brown also appears on the site, declaring that fans should “beg, steal, borrow or buy” the album.” (Ianbrown.co.uk)

03. Grace Jones at the Hollywood Bowl : The Diva Reborn

“Last night was an epic night in my life. We went to see Grace Jones at the Hollywood Bowl and were obviously really excited to be the first in the US to see her perform after all these years. Jones took a 30-year-hiatus from making music, because according to her she had nothing to say. But with last nights performance I can guarantee that her energy, at now 61, and talent has been brewing inside her for a long time. I could have never expected the caliber of performance that she delivered.” (trendland)

04. The World’s Most Successful Male Models

“While the industry is dominated by doll-faced, lanky females, male models with more classic looks tend to be the most successful. In the midst of a recession, agencies have had to renew older contracts to save money, thusly narrowing the types of men represented. The Cole Mohrs and Ash Stymests, although trendy “image guys,” tend to fall once they’ve been used and seen enough. In addition, those who have been branded to a fragrance campaign tend to endure a low profile in the industry since such campaigns are so publicly widespread.” (fashionindie)

05. Hunting Vests (above)

“I’ve been looking for the perfect hunting vest for ages, it seems that the 40+ plus generation have this item on lock. Some i’ve found…” (bntl)

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