01. ‘45365’

“45365 captures the complexities and ambiguities of one towns shared experience. It is a patient and inquisitive look at the lives and landscapes that make up this community of 20,000 people. Multiple storylines eventually coalesce into a mosaic of faces, places, and events. It is an inquiring look at life in Sidney, Ohio.” (coudal)

02. Lomo LC-A+ 25Th Anniversary Edition Camera

“For Lomo fans, I am also. The Lomo LC-A+ 25Th Anniversary Edition Camera($TBA) boasts a textured skin and with a new textured body(LOMO LC-A+ 25th Year Anniversary emblem stamped on the front and back of the camera). Including the legendary Minitar 1 lens, multi-exposure switch and multiple accessory capabilities, and packaged in a commemorative wooden box.” (likecool)

03. Take A Listen To 7 Worlds Collide, AKA The Radiohead Wilco Johnny Marr Neil Finn Supergroup

“As we told you this past fall (and again, later), Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien and Philip Selway rejoined ex-Crowded Housed Neil Finn for part two of his 7 Worlds Collide project. The inaugural project, recorded back in 2001, included O’Brien and Selway along with Eddie Vedder, Johnny Marr, Lisa Germano, Soul Coughing’s Sebastian Steinberg, and Neil’s son Liam. As you can note by reading the wordy headline above…” (stereogum)

04. Current Reading: M/M (Paris) Inventory/Inventaire 2: Haunch Of Venison

“M/M (Paris) Inventory/Inventaire 2 is the updated version of the out of print Haunch of Venison publication that offers an over view of the work of that vital design team. The 80 additional pages features M/M'( Paris)’s post 2006 work . Inventory 2 was published on the occasion of the 2008 exhibit at the Drawing Center in New York City. I need not say that this book is vital, vital, vital!” (theimagist)

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