Where form meets function

As you would have guessed from our magazine coverage, we’re avid magazine collectors. With this comes a need for two types of magazine rack. The first type is somewhere to stock all your ancient issues of The Face and Men’s Non-No (hopefully you read more than Monocle and i-D). This can be as ugly as you like – within reason. The second one is a display rack to go in your living room. This one needs to look good and before you ask, no, that rack from Ikea isn’t good enough.

That’s why we were glad to be turned onto this DesignCode magazine rack by Print fetish. It’s one sheet of metal, so it’s easily folded and assembled – no annoying allen keys to deal with – and at least one of the colours will suit someone’s home. At 68 Euros, it’s also at an affordable price. (DesignCode)

More pictures after that leap.

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