A while ago (six months to be exact) we caught up with Albam’s James Shaw. For various reasons, it’s taken a minute to get the piece done and dusted, but it’s here now and it’s a good insight to the workings behind Albam.

What can be said about Albam that hasn’t already been said before? For a company that only launched in 2006 they’ve already attracted more ink and screen space than any clothing company we can think of.

They’ve attracted workwear fanatics, club kids, fashionistas and regular blokes alike with their quality basics. In fact, it’s unfair to call them basics, so let’s call them cornerstones. To call them basic would be doing a disservice to clothes that form the cornerstone (see what we did there?) of every man’s wardrobe. You can have all the ‘statement’ pieces you like, but you need the clothes that Albam make.

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