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This is why people tell you to never make assumptions. We mistakenly assumed that freestyle magazine was about extreme sports because the owners were constantly playing frisbee at the tradeshows we attended. How wrong we were.

Created by fashion photographer Jason McGlade, the magazine is about fashion photography, art and design and comes with a free frisbee – which would explain the constant frisbee playing.  The magazines main ‘USP’, as marketing types say, is the circular design which enables it to fit inside the frisbee it comes in. The frisbees are made by a different artist each issue and the first was created by Eley Kishimoto. The circular design could have been dismissed as gimmicky (we’ve seen enough gimmicks lately – We’re talking to you US Esquire) but it’s obvious that it’s a design they’ve had in mind since day one.

Take a look at some spreads after the leap.

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