After creating a custom set of jackets for pop-punk band Fall Out Boy, Dr. Romanelli continues the partnership with a post-apocalyptic themed comic book entitled Fall Out Toy Works. The five-issue miniseries is loosely based on “Tiffany Blews” a song from Fall Out Boy’s album Folie a Deux. Fall Out Toy Works will be released through Image Comics, with the first issue set to arrive on September 2nd, 2009.

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Los Angeles was hit worst of all by the ecological and economic collapses of the 21st century…competition had been high to develop the new fuels of the future.  Advances in solar  power collection stole the very sun from the skies.  Only the richest would have a clear unbent glimpse of the sun. But for a time the power was cheap and industry ran rampant as it had not for 100 years. Los Angeles skies were darkened like some neo-Dickensian London.

A young man raised in this hell, but strong of will and determined to escape, toiled from almost his youngest memories, in the giant robotic moving factories which plodded, churning along into the dessert,  laying out entire communities as they went.  Self-contained mobile cities of 4000 workers, all of them living together in a dark, unbearably hot, and terribly dangerous industrial hell.

When a catastrophe struck, and all lives aboard his giant robotic Land-Developer were endangered by a meltdown, this young man took control of the cybernetic reigns himself. Connecting himself with the machine to prevent the disaster. ( To this day, he is scarred and must still wear the wires running to his face and neck to prevent a meltdown of the mind….) But the incident catapulted him to powerful places in his industrial culture… and then, at his first chance, he broke with his former masters determined to drive them into the ground.

20 years later, the young man has become fat and twisted… greedy with desires to conquer all.    The gates of greater Los Angeles are owned and operated by Baron industries. All transport commercial or private are in some way controlled by him, the toll-roads, bridges and tunnels, the tariffs at the gates and ports, so in this way he came to control all manufacture… all design… all resources.  Your toaster, that robot worker, that train– likely his BARON stamp was on them all.

MEANWHILE, a small underground movement grew…  A so-called Fallout Bunker against this total commercial monopoly. Artists, scientists, engineers led the charge… and found allies among the black market, the underground,  the criminals, bar-dwellers, newly arrived foreign communities, arriving as desperate workers but with their own web of supply and demand. Those were hard, but heroic times.  Its champions found every recyclable item of any kind that they could get their hands on-and turned the very refuse of mass-produced bland existence into new exciting, functional items…  while simultaneously bringing back Design as a valid function in itself… essential to the human spirit.
In an environment such as this, can the human spirit survive let a lone flourish?

Explore the possibilities starting in Fall Out Toy Works #1, on sale September 2nd.

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