Where the runway meets the street

While we do like our high end brands, it’s always nice to have someone mistake your high street buys for more expensive pieces. So when we saw that Uniqlo had dropped some corduroy jeans, we had to get a closer look.

Firstly we should address the ‘no wale’ in the title. A wale is the raised line that run lengthwise down the corduroy. It’s this line that gives corduroy that ‘ribbed’ look that so many intrinsically link to corduroy. Uniqlo have decided to do away with this on these cords, hence the ‘no wale’ in title.

They’re a little lighter than the cords Uniqlo did last year, making them slightly more suited for early autumn wear. Coming in various colours at a grand total of £20, there’s really no reason for not giving at least one pair a go. (Uniqlo)

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