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Finally we can give you some facts about the upcoming Uniqlo +J Collection, a collaborative effort with fashion designer Jil Sander. The US launch date is set for October 1rst, 2009. The collection consists of outerwear, denim, shirts, cut & sewn, knitwear, and other goods. The collection will be offered at the UNIQLO Soho NY store.

After the jump you will find the two official campaign images, as well as a complete listing of the mens and womens pieces, including pricing.

The UNIQLO +J collection’s price range:

+J Women’s Collection

Outerwear: $39.50-$149.50
Shirts: $39.50
Pants: $49.50-$59.50
Skirts/Dresses: $39.50-$49.50
Cut and sewn: $19.50-$29.50
Sweaters: $29.50-$49.50
Cashmere: $79.50-$129.50
Accessories: $29.50

+J Men’s Collection

Outerwear: $79.50-$149.50
Shirts: $39.50
Pants: $49.50
Cut and sewn: $19.50-$39.50
Cashmere: $129.50-$149.50
Accessories: $29.50-$99.50

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