Canon has unveiled their latest top of the line point and shoot camera. The G11 replaces the flagship, multi-award winning G10, a favorite amongst professional photographers and bloggers alike. The G10’s 14.7MP sensor has been replaced with a 10.0MP CCD sensor, and although this may sound like a downgrade, the camera boasts a greatly expanded dynamic range that increases image quality and improves noise performance by up to 2 stops (compared to PowerShot G10). Less is more. The PowerShot G11 is also equipped to deal with any light condition, whether dim or bright. A 2.8-inch flip-out LCD screen is also added, making it the ideal choice for any shot where an SLR is impractical or obtrusive. Scheduled for an October release at $499 USD. Added to the wishlist.

More views of the The Canon PowerShot G11 after the jump.

via dpreview

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