01. Wiesmann to unveil limited production MF5 Roadster in Frankfurt

“With the international auto show rolling in to Frankfurt only once every other year, you can bet that Germany’s automakers will be there in full force to show off their latest wares. And in between the new Porsches and BMWs, niche automaker Wiesmann will also be showcasing its new limited production MF5 Roadster.” (autoblog)

02. New A Place To Bury Strangers – “In Your Heart” (Stereogum Premiere) (above)

There is a very special place in my heart for this band. #awakening (stereogum)

03. Ratata – a Full Size Wooden Machine Gun

“Eleven pieces of wood in a wooden box. A blocks set, just a toy. Until we start to play with it. When we put the pieces together, it becomes a full size machine gun. People should play more, really play more. With eachother. Away from that computer, get outside! You don’t play with a gun, yet it looks friendly, with its smooth edges and a pleasant light color.” (likecool)

04. Starbucks Barista Teardown

“Over at iFixit they’ve got an interesting teardown of the Starbucks’ brew-it-yourself Barista Espresso Maker “to take the mystery out of these relatively simple steam machines.” Not enough mystery to start with? How about these others?” (core77)

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