01. Beachclub / Spanjers Architect

“On the beach of Westkapelle, a small coastal town in the Netherlands, recently a new beachclub called ‘Zuiderduin’ has opened its doors for the public. A building with a maximum outdoor floor surface where people can enjoy a snack, a drink and a beautiful view on the beach and the North Sea, when they go to the coast during the warm and sunny days. This is the starting point on which the concept of the design has been based.” (archdaily)

02. No.Zine (above)

“Patrick Fry recently completed a new project called ‘No.Zine‘. It is a self initiated series of zines featuring a collection of young artists, writers, illustrators, photographers and designers. The idea is that each of the zine’s content is based around the number of its issue. So really it’s a celebration of the power in numbers and how everything around us can relate to them.” (typeneu)

03. Bentley Mulsanne at Pebble Beach

“The reason for my trip to Pebble Beach was the launch of a brand new Bentley, the new Mulsanne. The first glimpse we had of it was on Saturday evening, at a private event for customers (not me) and press (hello) on the grounds of Clint Eastwood’s golf club, Tehama. A spectacular setting to say the least, but also an intimate way to showcase a car (we could not take pictures on that night though…). Much dancing was had, dangerously close to a one-off pre-production car…” (arkitip)

04. New Atlas Sound: “Attic Lights

“Atlas Sound, the solo project from Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox, will release his new LP Logos on October 20 via Kranky in the U.S. (It’s out Octobert 19 via 4AD in the UK.)” (pitchfork)

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