01. Hangers From Newspapers

“Ryan Frank, a London based designer, created these clothhangers entirely from reclaimed British newspapers.” (notcot)

02. Amanda Blank – “Might Like You Better” (Rusko Remix)

“Philadelphia born and bred, Amanda was raised with her older sisters in a row house in Germantown by her artist ex-hippie parents.  She quickly learned the value of individuality and the need for outspokenness. A quick glimpse at her interests conveys the dynamic nature of Amanda’s character, ranging from the radically raw to the sentimentally sweet.” (rcdlbl)

03. Cricket Edition Marmite (above)

“The Marmite package lends itself really well to the form; the size, shape and even the weight of the package is absolutely reminiscent of a cricket ball. The stitching detail on the side is very realistic and the print quality very good. Another great representation of Marmite’s brand associations and extensions.” (dieline)

04. CreativeCraft: Andy Kehoe

“Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Andy Kehoe spent his childhood watching cartoons, reading storybooks, and doodling. If you’ve ever seen Mr. Kehoe’s work, you know his dedication to his craft paid off. He also pursued more formal training as well. Following what Kehoe describes as “a long and expensive tour of art schools” he finally ended up at Parsons School of Design in New York, where he studied illustration. Following that stint, he began exhibiting his work in galleries across the country. His most recent show, this past April’s “Living in Twilight” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York, was Kehoe’s introduction to the art world on a larger scale.” (cpluv)

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