Where the runway meets the street
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‘The game ain’t changed, it just got more fierce’. That was a line from The Wire (we’ve been rewatching it, forgive us) but it could easily apply to the online retail world. There’s been an explosion of online boutiques over the last year, but End remain one of our favourites. The site is easy to use, the pictures are well-sized and the buying is top notch.

Case in point: This A.P.C bag. We’re not 100% on the story behind this bag, but we’re guessing it didn’t quite make it into production – although how this didn’t make it and that awful backpack did is anyone’s guess. End’s product description describes the piece as ‘highly limited’ and, judging from the fact that it’s not even on APC’s site, they’re not messing around. (End)

The song remains the same, detailed shots are after the leap.

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