01. Man in a Van (above)

“Jimmy Tarangelo is an effing badass. He doesn’t like paying rent, but he does like living in Manhattan. So what does he do? He lives in a van down by the river, literally.” (vimeo)

02. An Open Letter to Nicolai Ouroussoff

“I would like to challenge The New York Times’ architecture critic’s assertion in his article of August 24th, 2009 (‘As Heroes Disappear, the City Needs More’) that Los Angeles has fostered two generations of architects ‘that has no real equivalent in New York.’ While I agree with Nicolai Ouroussoff’s ultimate conclusion that ‘real change will first demand a radical shift in our cultural priorities’, it would behoove Mr. Ouroussoff, who waxes nostalgically about the 70s-era influence of the ‘New York Five,’ to explore the halls of academia on the eastern seaboard and to grab a Metrocard and visit the architectural studios that are energetically creating new work in our diverse city.” (designobserver)

03. The Mirror’s Online Footy Archive

“For the launch of mirrorfootball.co.uk, which includes an archive of The Mirror’s football photography, Delaney Lund Knox Warren has created a series of 48 sheet posters using some classic images of players from ten UK teams…” (creativereview)

04. Architects’ Book Collections Featured in Unpacking My Library

“Through February 2010, New York’s Urban Center Books is exploring the relationship between architecture and print with Unpacking My Library, an exhibition of the book collections of prominent New York architects such as Steven Holl and Michael Sorkin. In preparing the exhibit, curator Jo Steffens found herself pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of intellectual and artistic influences represented in the collections…” (archdaily)

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