Like Junya Watanabe, Ann Demeulemeester has been doing her thing in a relatively quiet way for years now. Her collections aren’t fawned over like, say, Lanvin’s are – but they’ve retained an aesthetic to which her customers have grown accustomed to.

Interview magazine teams her up with Jamie Del Moon, one of her models, for a short interview. We find out that Demeulemeester has her family backstage (her parents haven’t missed a show yet) and that she has a new collection coming out where she reissues key pieces from previous collections. When asked about it, she replied:

“It’s called Collection Blanche, or White Collection. It’s white because it’s blank, without any identifying dates. I did it because people kept saying things like, “Oh, I loved those trousers. Can’t you make ones like them again?” Or, “I love my jacket, but it’s falling apart. I want the same one.” It’s because certain pieces of clothing become like friends. They become a part of your life. You can’t stand it if, all of a sudden, they are gone. I wanted to do this collection because it was like going back and finding old friends for me, too. It was great to go through the archives and say, “Wow, why don’t we make this again?”

Read the full interview here.

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