While some of us on team Selectism are bored of work wear and “heritage” relaunch, others are pleased. I, for one, grew up wearing items from Filson and Woolrich (even when the cuts were crap and the materials a bit suspect), so seeing what I’ve always worn anyway repackaged doesn’t grate all that much. And, diversity of opinion is always nice too.

Field and Stream joins the throngs of “Americana” based brands with its relaunch. As Acquire notes, it’s the brand that outfitted Charles Lindberg on the first nonstop flight from the US to Paris. Field and Stream’s return focuses on two simple themes: American history and contemporary technical possibilities.

One thing that should be of interest are the price points (low), which are in keeping with the function over form looks. Head to the jump for trousers, jackets, and a few caps from the fall/winter collection.

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