Wine V-Neck Jumper; Red Hill selvedge tie (Oki-Ni) ; Grey oxford; Folk pink wonder belt (Oki-Ni); Edwin denim; Grenson brown brogue boots

We felt that, rather than any of the usual blog-empire extensions, (collabs, print magazines, online stores) we’d show you how we put it all together. Seeing as we feature products everyday (and complain about the styling every other day) this is one of those things that just made sense.

We’ve been more than a little critical of the influx of preppy/workwear stylings, but if we had to look preppy, this is how we’d do it. We’ve mixed pieces from our own wardrobe in with sample pieces because, let’s face it, no one goes out and buys an entire new wardrobe every six months.

The feature itself will be up tommorow.

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