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When it comes to cameras we have a pretty specific taste, which combines high quality and of course also design. Usually we stick to the Canon G line, Ricoh, Panasonic Lumix and in case money is not an issue you of course go for a Leica. Today the German company, maker of high end cameras, has announced the M9 and the X1. The M9 is the upgrade to the M8, which turned one of their most iconic cameras into a digital one. The X1 will be priced lower and unites lots of features in compact format. We always felt like there was a huge gap between the M9 and other cameras of its category and hopefully the X1 can close that gap, at least in terms of price. The M9 will go for around 7’000 USD and comes out in September. The Leica X1 will go for 2’000 USD and will only start shipping in January. Do the quality of the cameras, the design or the functionality justify the price? Probably not.

Take a detailed look at both the Leica M9 and the Leica X1, both beautiful pieces of hardware, both made in Germany,  after the jump.

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