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Today we take a first look at the second volume of the Carhartt Brand Book, which takes a deep look at the brand, its collection and much more.

Volume 2 delivers an even deeper insight into the Carhartt Brand than the first Issue. It features a wide range of the Fall/Winter 09 collection, the current advertising campaign they did in collaboration with illustrator Marco Klefisch, lots of image material, gadgets and collaborations such as the Carhartt x Vestax Handy Trax USB Turntable.

Volume 2 also describes the historic background of the Carhartt Heritage Line, features interviews with photographer Matthias Willi who did the “friends” shooting for them, with DJ Benji B about his new Radio project, and Andrea Caputo, the editor of “Alll City Writers”, a book giving an exclusive view on the development of the graffiti scene since its very beginning until today. Additionally the Brand Book Volume 2 includes reports from their Skate- and BMX-Team like past tours and new Team Riders, all in all an exclusive mix about what’s going on within the Carhartt network. The Carhartt Brand Book Volume 2 is only available at Carhartt Stores and Dealers.

A detailed look into the Carhartt Brand Book Volume 2 follows after the jump.

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