You may have noticed some new faces that have been added to Selectism’s roster of Columnists. I wanted to take a moment and formally welcome Kiya, Simon, and Theo to our establishment.

Many will know Kiya Babzani as the owner of SF’s Self Edge denim shop, but the man has much more up his sleeve. When he is not opening new retail in New York, he is focusing on his yoyo/toy company Anti-Yo and obsessing about bowling.

Simon Beckerman (above left) is publisher and editor in chief of PIG Magazine and partner with his brother Daniel in Super Sunglasses. He lives and works in Milan, Italy. I have spent many a tradeshow with this gentleman and his crew of Italo killers.

Finally, Theodore Rosendorf (above right) is the author and designer of “The Typographic Desk Reference” and a full time design consultant in the USA. Theo’s also a great writer so be sure to stick with him.

I’d also like to thank a moment to thank the Columnists that have been with us since day one. Brandon, Mr. Gervino, Chris, Steven, Tim, Beau, Ben, Kyle, and all the others have kept Selectism fresh. Many thanks to you all.

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