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In January 2008, Karl Lagerfeld and Amanda Harlech released a book entitled Visions and a Decision featuring black-and-white photographs of Claudia Schiffer, Brad Kroenig and Sebastien Jondeau from a 1993 (the bottle not the photoshoot) Dom Pérignon Oenothèque advertising campaign. Today, Wallpaper Magazine released a series of those images online.

Telling the Wildean tale of an old money Dom Pérignon heir on the hunt for the perfect woman (played perfectly by American model Brad Koenig), Schiffer takes on the role of the book’s femme fatale, dressing up in numerous guises – ranging from Oriental temptress and libertine Ingenue to disco queen and dominatrix – all in the space of a few perfectly formed, achromatic pages.

Like a butterfly from a chrysalis, Schiffer’s various transformations have been throughout up by Lagerfeld as a manifestation of the Oenotheque’s unique aging concept. Like the best of Dom Pérignon’s wines, Schiffer morphs seamlessly from 18th century heroin to 21st century woman, retaining her own innate personality.

More flicks from the Karl Lagerfeld for Dom Perignon Oenotheque after the jump.

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