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After recently presenting to you the Marok Basketball from the K1X “4 Elements 4 Basketballs” series, we can give you an exclusive first look at the second part of the project. For K1X’s limited artist series Frank 151 let Stay High 149 do his interpretation of the element AIR. In order to reflect the lightness of this element the ball was kept very basic and simple. An all white ball made out of high-end pu leather with grey channels and the logos of Frank 151 and Wayne Roberts with silver outline stamped on one side and his legendary “smoker tag” in silver on the other give this unique basketball its light look and make it one of a kind.

Next ones up are Bill Mc Mullen (Fire) and Mode2 (Earth). All four balls are strictly limited to 444 units and available at selected retail locations only.

More detailed views of the K1X “4 Elements 4 Basketballs” Frank 151 featuring Staz High 149 Ball follow after the jump.

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