01. Orginal Computer Space arcade machine up on eBay

“If you have $2,500 laying around, you would be crazy stupid not to buy this classic piece of gaming history. Computer Space was the first commercially sold coin-operated video game and now you can own one of only 1800 working models ever made. Even better, it comes with the original schematics prepared by Nutting Associates’ Chief Engineer, Nolan Bushnell.” (crunchgear)

02. Frankfurt Preview: Volkswagen 1-liter concept, 158 mpg (US) tandem 2-seater

“Ono of the numerous cars that will be shown by Volkswagen this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show is the latest edition of the 1-liter concept. The name represents the amount of fuel it takes the vehicle to travel 100 km (62 miles) and nominally equates to 235 mpg. In this case, based on the translation, it appears that VW might be taking some liberties with the name since it seems to take 1.49 liters / 100 km, or a mere 157.8 mpg (US). For all practical purposes, the difference is largely inconsequential since so little fuel is used at these lofty levels.” (autoblog)

03. Designers Against Human Rights Abuse (above)

“Designers Against Human Rights Abuse have just released their second book, featuring contributions from Bibliotheque, Brighten the Corners, Stefan Gandl (NeubauBerlin), Alex Haigh (Thinkdust/HypeforType), Nick Hard (Research Studios), Jeff Knowles (Research Studios), Abbott Miller (Pentagram), Si Scott, Paul Skerm, Un.titled.” (acejet170)

04. Jim Carroll, Poet and Punk Rocker Who Wrote ‘The Basketball Diaries’, Dies at 60

“Jim Carroll, the poet and punk rocker in the outlaw tradition of Rimbaud and Burroughs who chronicled his wild youth in “The Basketball Diaries,” died on Friday at his home in Manhattan. He was 60.” (nyt)

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