01. Sclavi’s Rolling Chair by Sergio Calatroni Artroom (above)

“Sergio Calatroni Art Room in Milan have customised a wheelchair for Italian art director Fabrizio Sclavi. This, the second customisation of Sclavi’s wheelchair, adds a textile patchwork seat to the previous tape customisation done in 2008.” (dezeen)

02. London Design Guide 2010

“Just in time for visitors coming to London next week for the city’s massive annual design event, the London Design Guide comprehensively lists the places, people and resources that celebrate design. The book organizes the destinations—boutiques, restaurants, hotels, galleries and more—by neighborhood, including a map of the locale and a local’s narrative through it—naturally, all with a clean, well-designed layout.” (coolhunting)

03. Dalian Shide stadium / NBBJ

“NBBJ’s proposed design for the new Dalian Shide football stadium in China represents a new direction in sports architecture by moving away from the creation of a building based on pure form. The organic architecture of the building challenges the typical stadium typology to become more than an impressive skin wrapped around an ordinary seating bowl.” (archdaily)

04. Panasonic’s New LED Bulbs Shine for 19 Years

“Despite lasting longer and being more efficient than both incandescent and CFL bulbs, LEDs haven’t caught on because of their sky-high prices. But now Panasonic wants to bring LEDs to the mainstream — at least in Japan — with a 60-watt household bulb that the company claims can last up to 19 years, or 40 times longerthan incandescent bulbs.” (inhabitant)

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